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The Last One...

So here it is! The last blog post of the year. It’s been a good one, overall. Even with all the challenges and heart ache, as I sit here, I have a feeling of abundance and gratitude for everything 2021 has brought me, and I am reminded that just as success and joy are the rewards for trying new things, so are the failures and disappointments, because they mean I’m learning, and getting better. All these things are also part of living through a pandemic, something that has changed our worlds fundamentally and colours everything we do and say and think and feel.

Thank you for coming on my blogging journey with me, taking time each week to read and comment as I navigate through life, your support is a blessing.

Have a wonderful festive season, everybody! I’m taking a wee holiday from the blog and the shop over Christmas, and I look forward to seeing you in 2022 xx

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