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The health benefits of using Shepherds Cottage Soap

I am an avid label reader. I can about what’s in things, and like to know how things are made. I don’t think I’m alone in this, and “what’s in this?” is the question I get asked most when I’m out and about selling my soaps. I’ve written about the ingredients that go into Shepherds Cottage Soaps, and I’ve talked about the benefits of using quality, natural ingredients from trusted sources. But the benefits of using this soap are more than just the nourishing, skin- friendly ingredients. When you buy something beautiful to look at, that is also a pleasure to use, you are investing in yourself.

So here are my top 5 health benefits of using Shepherds Cottage soaps, and they’re not just skin deep.

1. Self-care. If the origins of selfcare are in making good choices about your diet, exercise and sleep, then the addition of taking care of your mental health is a good one. We all know the value of keeping your stress levels under control by taking the time to relax, but finding time isn’t easy. Washing our hands is a quick minute that lends itself to mindfulness – warm

water and a gently scented soap can give you a moment to take a breath, take a beat, and

for just a moment, stop.

2. It’s not just good for YOUR health. Animal testing for cosmetic ingredients is currently

banned in the UK, as in all EU countries, but this may change as the UK government pulls

further away from EU regulations. My products are tested on my children, my husband and

my willing friends – sometimes they can behave like animals, but they always have the

freedom to choose what they put on their skin.

3. They smell amazing. I only use essential oils to fragrance my soaps, and the therapeutic

benefits of these oils carry through. Smells can trigger emotional and physical responses and

are one of our most complex senses. The benefits of aromatherapy are said to include the

easing of stress and anxiety, to improve sleep, to ease certain types of pain, and to boost

feelings of wellbeing.

4. Planet-kind. All my packaging is compostable, reusable or recyclable, and I take care to

research and choose environmentally friendly options when I have the choice.

5. Finding connection & being part of a community. When you choose to buy a product from a small business, you are buying in to another person’s dreams, best efforts, and hours of research, list making, trying and trying again, and drinking tea in the small hours. Somebody has tried their best for you, to create a product that is good and brings joy. I feel connected to the people who use my products and am proud to be part of the small business / thoughtful consumer community. You should be too.

Using a product that is simply made using quality ingredients and traditional methods is a

completely different experience to using something pulled off a shelf, and the benefits are many.

Shepherds’ Cottage products are nourishing, cleansing and gentle to use, pretty, and thoughtfully packaged. They’re made with love, and you can feel that when you use them.

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