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a bit about me

meet roxanne

Roxanne and the twins

The story of Shepherd’s Cottage Soaps is really the story of a love affair, or two. There actually is a shepherd and I fell in love with him and moved halfway around the world to set up home, on a farm on a remote island off the West coast of Scotland. When I made my first batch of soap it was double-layered, lavender scented, Melt and Pour, using a bread tin as a mould and I fell in love again.


Ten years later, we have 4-year-old twins; two dogs; a small herd of cows; many, many sheep and, thanks to the support of the people in our amazing community, I have a growing business, making soap and beauty products. I use a traditional, energy efficient method called cold-process soap making (to make the body whips I use an even more traditional one called elbow-grease!) and natural, quality ingredients. All my products are scented using only pure essential oils.


The spirit of this community, in this place, is in every bar of Shepherd’s Cottage soap, every soft peak of body whip, each label and each curve of twine. Every time you buy a     Shepherd’s Cottage product you take piece of it with you, handmade with love.

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