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Valentine's Day Gift Box...

Ah, Valentine's Day. And it’s so nice to get a present, whether it’s from your lover; your friend; your mom; luck of the draw. My husband and I agreed when we got together that we wouldn’t give each other gifts on Valentine’s Day … except of course, that we often do. On the one hand, it’s hard not to simply get caught up in the advertising frenzy of it all, but on the other it is nice to celebrate the person that you love with a wee gift, as a token of their special place in your heart. To be reminded that you must put the effort in, to be thoughtful and to treat each other kindly. He tends to the classic: a traditional bunch of flowers, and l like to make something, a one-off gift, unique to him.

On my website it says that the story of Shepherds Cottage Soaps is the story of a love affair – and it is love that got me here and that infuses every bar of soap and every scoop of body butter. It seemed fitting then to make up a small box of everyday luxuries for you to gift this Valentine’s Day. I say ‘everyday luxuries’ because what better gift than that of taking care of yourself, not just because people have to, but because they deserve to? To spend a little extra time washing with soap that softly nourishes, that wraps you in a glorious sent of flowers or meadows or groves, that was chosen specifically for you? Then after a bath, or before bed, using a little body butter to ease dry winter skin, like a hint of summer on the air. Everyday actions that become so much more when infused with love.

Soap and body butters don’t last forever, we can see them being used up, a little every day – but hopefully we can also see the more lasting benefits of using natural, gently made products on our skin and on our general sense of wellbeing. I’ve added a small keepsake to the box: a delicate, ceramic heart. A symbol of love, decorated with flowers and leaves – symbols of life and growth.

Each one is unique in design, as all people – and relationships – are unique.

In our house, it helps that I like to make things, but if making a gift is not for you, I would encourage you to buy locally, and to buy handmade this Valentine's Day, no matter who you are buying it for.

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